Intae Jung

JWST Postdoc (Sponsor: CUA)
@ NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (Astrophysics Science Division, Code 665)

Lyman-alpha Emitter as a Probe of Cosmic Reionization -- High-z Galaxy (Star-formation Quenching) -- Galaxy SED Fitting Using a MCMC Algorithm

[Intae Jung] I am a JWST postdoc (sponsor: CUA in the CRESST II program) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Astrophysics Science Division, Code 665), working with Dr. Amber Straughn. I work on observational astronomy about the distant universe, peering inside galaxies in the first two billion years after the Big Bang with the CANDELS HST imaging, and searching for Lyman-alpha emitting galaxies as a probe of cosmic reiniozation using deep ground-based spectroscopic observational data (Keck+DEIMOS/MOSFIRE).
During my Master's program, I worked on building dark matter halo merger trees from cosmological N-body simulations and investigating large-scale environmental effects on galaxies using a semi-analytic model. [Read more about research...]

I am originally from South Korea. I obtained my Bachelor's (astronomy & physics) and Master's (astronomy) degrees at Yonsei University in Seoul before joining the UT Austin astronomy program where I earned my PhD in August 2019. [Read more about me...]